Bienvenue to the city of New Orleans, site for The SGC International hosted 2012 conference. A crew of local printmakers and the organization’s board members have been working hard to prepare for your visit. We have invited fantastic speakers, and developed exciting new programming alongside all your favorite events.  Our goal is to introduce you to the diverse and rich neighborhoods this city has to offer, including everything from the outrageous to the sublime.

New Orleans’ rich history permeates the food, music and architecture here providing artists with much fodder for creativity. The levee failures in 2005 threatened to wash us away but we returned with a greater determination to eat, dance, play, and create. This city is now all the more a home to artists, vibrant with new art scenes and artistic ventures. Even as the rest of the world speeds up, New Orleanians pace themselves to slow down. Our theme, Navigating Currents, offers a slower perspective, a pensive consideration of where we have come from as an organization and a view to consider the future.

The conference programming will offer a plethora of choices. The central hub of activity will take place at the Sheraton Hotel on Canal Street just steps from the French Quarter. Most of the Keynote speeches, all of the panels and portfolios, and a few demonstrations will take place at the hotel. The Sheraton staff has worked closely with the planning committee to give us our own floor for the conference proceedings. Events will happen throughout the city, easily accessible by the bus service that will shuttle you to destinations. On Friday, demonstrations will take place at Tulane and Loyola Universities also serviced by shuttles.

A conference of this scale would not be possible without the contributions of many dedicated printmakers in New Orleans and the assistance of the SGC International Board. I want to express my thanks to Eun Lee, David Jones, and Jennifer Anderson who have been closely working with us here on the ground to get this project off the ground and out of the water. We look forward to seeing you all in the Big Easy in March to celebrating 40 years of commitment to print and printmaking.





Teresa Cole, Professor
The Elllsworth Woodward Professorship in Art
Newcomb Art, Tulane University
and Navigating Currents Conference Liaison