SGC International will host its 40th Anniversary Conference in New Orleans, LA on March 14 – 19, 2012. If you are interesting in volunteering to help with the conference in any way, please reply to with the following information:

– Name
– Email address
– Phone number
– How much time you are willing to volunteer
– Which the following areas you would be willing and qualified to help with:
– Conference Registration
– Panel Discussions & Lectures
– Vendor Fair
– Portfolio Exchange
– Open Portfolio
– Demonstrations

Individuals who volunteer for 15 hours or more are eligible for a 50% conference fee waiver. Once a volunteer is approved a code will be generated for them to register for the conference. If you wish to volunteer for less than 15 hours you may, but are not eligible for a fee waiver. There are a limited number of waivers available, so reply as soon as possible.

You will be contacted about when and where your help may be needed. Volunteers are vital to the success of the conference, so please consider offering some of your time. Please feel free to forward this request to anyone you know that may also be interested in volunteering.

Thank you,

Ernest Milsted

Conference Volunteer Coordinator