Organizer: Sang-Mi Yoo
Location: Tulane University, Woldenberg Art Center, Room 214
Time: Friday, March 16, 11:30 am- 4:00 pm
Participants: Denise Bookwalter, David DuBose, Stacy Elko, Michael Glenn, Anita Jung, Kathy McGhee, Yoonmi Nam, Amanda Rouse, Marianna Smith, Melanie Yazzie, Sang-Mi Yoo, Juanita Exiga (Event Assistant)
In this event, each participating artist presents prints of an imaginary home. The viewer is invited to visit the site, select a print, cut out the shape, fold it into a collapsible three-dimensional home and take it with them, examining the ideal notion of home and participation in a good cause. All of the proceeds from suggested donations will support those affected by the recent tsunami/earthquake in Japan.