Date: Saturday, March 17
Time: 9:30 – 11:00 am
Location: Waterbury Ballroom, Sheraton Hotel
This year, the conference Capstone Panel will discuss an interesting point that was breached in a New York Times article about the New York Print Fair on November 3, 2011 ( Ken Johnson seems to be most enthralled with the seesawing that takes place between the classic definition of a fine art print and the loose contemporary applications where prints can become more conceptually oriented, post-medium, or even events. In relation to our conference theme, “Navigating Currents,” we would like to explore the contradictions this medium has to offer (multiples v. one of a kind works, traditional v. non-traditional, past v. present), and where their combinations could lead us in the future.
Joining us in the discussion will be a sampling of our esteemed award winners and keynote speakers, including Nicola Lopez, April Katz, Kimberly Arp, Anita Jung, William J. Kitchens, and Phyllis McGibbon. Please join us for a panel discussion to be followed by questions and answers.
Photo Credit: Nicola Lopez, Structural Detour 6: Chain-link Claw grasps the Knot buried in Fences, 2011