Welcome Event
Date: Wednesday, March 14
Time: 6:00pm – 8:00pm
Location: Sheraton Hotel, Waterbury Ballroom, 2nd floor

Join us as we kick off the 40th Anniversary SGC International Conference with some live jazz, performed by New Orleans Center for Creative Arts students. Music will be followed by a brief introduction and screening of The History of the Southern Graphics Council with Boyd Saunders, a film detailing the history of SGC International as told by founding father Boyd Saunders. (Executive Producers: Eun Lee and Roger Steele; Producers: Jonathon Goebel and Zach Graber. Run Time: 30 minutes)


Welcome + Keynote Speaker: Willie Cole
Date: Thursday, March 15
Time: 9:30 – 11:00am
Location: Sheraton Hotel, Grand Ballroom C, 5th floor


Emeritus Lecture: David Driesbach
Date: Thursday, March 15|
Time: 5:00 – 6:00pmLocation: Sheraton Hotel, Grand Ballroom C, 5th floor


Bring on the Top Hats: The Prints of David F. Driesbach
Curator: Brian Kelly
Opening Reception: March 15
Time: 6:00 – 8:00pm
Location: Contemporary Arts Center, 900 Camp Street, 3rd floor

This exhibition is a survey of the prints by 2012 Emeritus Award Recipient, David F. Driesbach, that documents more then 30 years of intaglios, engravings, and lithographs. The exhibition demonstrates his mastery of the printmaking medium, his development, and his love for exploration, innovation, and storytelling. The prints describe a unique universe drawing upon imagery depicting Driesbach’s self-created iconography. Both whimsical and mysterious, they provide a window into colorful happenings, plays, and stories with unique dreamlike or nightmarish settings, times, and plots.


Keynote Speaker: Esther Sparks
Date: Friday, March 16
Time: 9:30 – 11:00am
Location: Sheraton Hotel, Grand Ballroom C, 5th floor


The SGC International Traveling Exhibition
Opening Reception
: March 16th, 11am – 4 pm
On View: February 8 – March 29, 2012
Location: Collins C. Diboll Gallery, Loyola University
The 2012-2015 SGC International Traveling Exhibition is comprised of 46 prints, sculptures, installations, and videos juried from the SGC International membership by Frances Myers. The exhibit, which will travel for 3 years, is being launched in New Orleans as part of the 2012 SGC International annual conference.
Photo Credit: Andrew Blanchard, Southern Delicacies II, 2009
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Taking Home with You
 Sang-Mi Yoo
Date Friday, March 16
Time: 11:30 am- 4:00 pm
Location: Tulane University, Woldenberg Art Center, Room 214
Participants: Denise Bookwalter, David DuBose, Stacy Elko, Michael Glenn, Anita Jung, Elizabeth Klimek, Kathy McGhee, Yoonmi Nam, Amanda Rouse, Marianna Smith, Melanie Yazzie, Sang-Mi Yoo
Event Assistants: Juanita Exiga, Joshua Meier
In this event, each participating artist presents prints of an imaginary home. The viewer is invited to visit the site, select a print, cut out the shape, fold it into a collapsible three-dimensional home and take it with them, examining the ideal notion of home and participation in a good cause. All of the proceeds from suggested donations will support those affected by the recent tsunami/earthquake in Japan.
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Tamarind Touchstones: Fabulous at Fifty
Reception: Friday, March 16
Time: 2:00 – 4:00pm
Location: Newcomb Gallery, Woldenberg Art Center, Tulane University

This retrospective exhibition celebrates fifty years of artistic excellence at the Tamarind Institute, the legendary lithography press founded in Los Angeles in 1960. The exhibition includes eighty lithographs from the Tamarind archive held and managed by the University of New Mexico Art Museum. The exhibition provides an opportunity to see the collaborative works of many of the most significant American artists and printers of the past half -century including; Vija Celmins, Kerry James Marshall, Philip Guston, Kiki Smith, Gego, Leon Golub, Jonathan Lasker, Polly Apfelbaum, and Roberto Juarez, among others.


Keynote Speaker: Nicola Lopez
Date: Friday, March 16
Time: 4:00 – 5:30pm
Location: Tulane University, McAlister Auditorium

This lecture is free and open to the public, and made possible by a generous donation from the Sandra Garrard Memorial Lecture Series and Tulane University.


Capstone Panel
: Saturday, March 17
Time: 9:30 – 11:00 am
Location: Waterbury Ballroom, Sheraton Hotel
This year, the conference Capstone Panel will discuss an interesting point that was breached in a New York Times article about the New York Print Fair on November 3, 2011 (http://www.nytimes.com/2011/11/04/arts/design/print-fair-international-fine-printdealers-association.html). Ken Johnson seems to be most enthralled with the seesawing that takes place between the classic definition of a fine art print and the loose contemporary applications where prints can become more conceptually oriented, post-medium, or even events. In relation to our conference theme, “Navigating Currents,” we would like to explore the contradictions this medium has to offer (multiples v. one of a kind works, traditional v. non-traditional, past v. present), and where their combinations could lead us in the future.
Joining us in the discussion will be a sampling of our esteemed award winners and keynote speakers, including Nicola Lopez, April Katz, Kimberly Arp, Anita Jung, William J. Kitchens, and Phyllis McGibbon. Please join us for a panel discussion to be followed by questions and answers.
Photo Credit: Nicola Lopez, Structural Detour 6: Chain-link Claw grasps the Knot buried in Fences, 2011
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AHOY! The Hi-Striker Experience
First Mates
: Emily Corazón Nelson and Avery McQ. Lawrence
Date: Saturday, March 17
Time: 1:00 – 3:00pm
Location: Grand Ballrooms, Sheraton Hotel
“Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, people of all ages gather round! We invite you to step right up! Are you as strong as a bull? Or are you almost-but-not quite as strong as a bull? Come on then, step right up, test your strength with this here mallet and we shall all find out!  This here mechanism will reveal not only your strength, but also your weaknesses, your offspring’s weaknesses, and your ability to truly enjoy a delicious forkful of chocolate cake!!”
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SGC International Big Birthday Bash
Date: Saturday, March 17
Time: 9:00pm – 12:00 midnight
Location: Sheraton Hotel, Rhythms Ballroom, 2nd Floor

Come out to celebrate 40 years of SGC International with birthday cake and an epic dance party! Music will be provided by local musicians, the Panorama Jazz Band. Because the members of the Panorama Jazz Band need no electricity to fire up their instruments, they express natural human energy and bring their party to any bar room, street corner, living room, back porch, or international music festival. The instruments in this band (clarinet, saxophone, trombone, accordion, banjo, tuba and drums) have been inspiring people to dance for generations and the group’s repertoire draws on the most exciting music from around the world: funky New Orleans Jazz, tropical rhythms of the Caribbean, and exotic melodies of Eastern Europe. When they play, feet stomp, hands clap, and butts shake. Rowdy or gentle, sweet or hot – people move!

The SGC International Big Birthday Bash is free and open to all registered conference attendees. Don’t miss this opportunity to have a drink and socialize with old and new friends.


INKubator Sessions
: Beauvais Lyons and Boyd Saunders
Location: Sheraton Hotel
In 1972 Boyd Saunders, then a new Assistant Professor at the University of South Carolina sent letters to printmaking programs at colleges and universities in the southeastern United States seeking to meet at the Southeastern College Art Conference to be held that year in New Orleans. Saunders was seeking to form a support system of colleagues devoted to making and teaching printmaking. During the conference a small group of printmakers in attendance met in the St. Charles Hotel, united by their commitment to printmaking and fueled by sips of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee whiskey. Their meeting served to “INKubate” the formation of the Southeastern Graphics Council, later known as the Southern Graphics Council, and what is known today as SGC International (SGCI).
As part of the 40th SGC International Conference “Navigating Currents” a series of eight 90 minute “INKubator” conversations are planned. Each of the sessions will be chaired by a separate facilitator and will revolve around a common set of concerns or issues with no more than 25 attendees. Chairs will be arranged in a circle, with no audiovisual equipment and no set of planned presentations. Each session will have a flip chart for notes and a designated recorder who will compile a record of the conversations for later posting linked to the SGCI website. In many cases a set of action items will be produced with contact information of people who plan to follow through on projects and ideas discussed.
Individuals interested in participating in these sessions should email the session facilitator by February 1, 2012 to be considered for the attendee list. All participants need to register for the conference. Click here for a schedule for the sessions.